Subterranean Starfield


The dungeon awaits you in this traditional role play


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Subterranean Starfield is a role play game (RPG) in the style of the old Super Nintendo games, created with the RPG Maker VX ACE tool. In it, without being presented with much of a back-story, players dive into various dungeons to kill lots of enemies and loot as much treasure as they can.

As with all games of this type, you can select some extra characters to join your hero and create a team of four intrepid adventurers. You can also equip them with different pieces of equipment (armour, weapons, etc) to better adapt them to their roles within the team.

The game uses a turn based combat system (similar to early Final Fantasy or Pokemon), so while you're exploring your surroundings, the display emits an alarm and the combat begins. This combat, as usual, is played out in turns.

Subterranean Starfield is a game in the anime style, with turn based combat, and where the simple story never tries to take centre stage. Instead, it is the combat and exploration that are the true stars of this title.
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